Douglas Quarry
"Your source for High Specification Aggregate"
Wyoming State Certified Quarry
100% Crushed Rock
*Non-Limestone Quarry*
*Durable Granitized Rock Source*
The only quarry in Converse County producing a superior quartzite based rock product!

Experience, Accuracy, Innovation

Moss Boulders
Rip Rap
Moss Boulder are local to Wyoming covered in Moss and will be handpicked when ordered.  These boulders are beautiful and ready for all your landscaping projects.
Boulders are in sizes from 2ft up to as big as you can imagine for your landscape projects.  Make a border at your house.  Make a Water Fountain out of one of these boulders.  You can even make a gorgeous sign with your name in it.
Rip Rap is available in sizes 3" to 24" machine place rip rap. Would be great used for erosion control on stream banks, spillways and retention ponds.  It will look marvelous as large landscaping rock also...
 Russell Construction Co
Gravel roads.....
with the durable qualities of the materials the life span of any gravel road or road surface can be extended up to 4 to 5 times that of other limestone or round rock/sand roads.
Less wear on the road by far.
Less dust (our aggregate is heavier than limestone,        producing less dust from the start)
Less segregation and stone loss off the sides of the road
Less wash boarding
Your BEST choice for New Construction and/or the repairing of roads, in the sometimes inclement weather of Wyoming.
The Douglas Quarry is owned and operated by Russell Construction Company, for over thirty years Russell Construction Company has served the central Wyoming region with outstanding services, in Wyoming's Construction Industry.
What We Do
Why We Do It
We are a Wyoming State Certified Quarry ready to provide quality stone for all your needs. We will have a crusher on-site for all the needs of contractors and homeowners.  We will be able to provide small quantities and large quantities at any given moment.
We do this to provide a good quality stone for all your needs and very competitive price.  The contractor and homeowners can get what they want and need.  Get the job at a fair and reasonable price.  All our stone meets and or exceeds specifications of the Wyoming Department of Transportation. 
How Can We Help
We can provide quality crushed stone and haul it your job site.  We even have the construction equipment to blade your road if you and company need that little extra help at the job site.